• What is OuiFlash?

    OuiFlash is an online platform for "on demand assignments" who reunites a community of professional photographers, videographers and drone pilots.

    What can OuiFlash offer me?

    OuiFlash can offer you an additional income by offering you assignments close to your home. We offer you the possibility to develop your expertise and to add prestigious partners to your portfolio.

    Where can I work for OuiFlash?

    OuiFlash is active in France and in Belgium and is developping in numerous European countries. We assemble an important community of media professionals! Wherever you are, you can work for us!

  • How is the rate for an assignment determined?

    The rate you receive per assignment varies, it depends on the type of assignment and on the deal we have with our client. We will offer you more and more missions so that the combination of the hourly rate and the volume will make this an interesting activity for you.

    What does an assignment consist of?

    Once you accept an assignment we count on you to focus fully on your task during this assignment. We take care of the commercial work, the post-production and the administration for you!

    How is an assignment assigned?

    Depending on your location and your rating you will be notified by text message and by e-mail when a new assignment is available. Every member of our community receives a note based on different criterias: Colorimetry & luminosity, volumes & perspectives, choice of views and customer contact.
    A notification is sent to a photographer every 10 minutes. The moment a photographer accepts, the assignment will no longer be available on the platform. A job well done is the best way to receive more assignments in the future!

    Is the number of assignments limited?

    The only limit is your availability! Furthermore, we do not work with exclusivity contracts. You are still free to take other assignments next to the ones you do for OuiFlash (as long as it is not for our clients!).

  • Billing and payment, how does it work?

    At the end of each month we generate automatically a "request for invoice" with all the validated assignments. You just have to copy-paste this information on your invoice and send it to us. Your invoice will be paid at the end of the following month.

  • Which qualifications are required?

    You have to be a professional photographer/videographer/drone-pilot and you have to be able to make out invoices. For our first evaluation of your competences we base ourselves on the portfolio you send us together with your application. We are especially looking for persons who, in addition to their professional skills, are also trustworthy and who have good interpersonnal skills.

    I specialize in a specific domain (food, events,...), can I also receive invitations for assignments in other domains?

    Absolutely! OuiFlash is convinced that every professional can continue to develop his competences during his life. Our goal is also to help you to advance in your profession and to help you to add new examples to your portfolio.

  • Which equipment do I need to carry out assignments for OuiFlash?

    The required material depends on the type of assignment. You can find the complete list on the registration form.

Edouard Barra
Registrered as a photographer from the beginning, I notice the swift and positive development of OuiFlash. With a simple and easy-to-use platform, OuiFlash allows me to take additional assignments without asking for more work than waiting for new assignments to appear. The team is very friendly and always provides a listening ear. An easy and efficient relationship for an excellent B2B company. Edouard Barra
Margaux Demaria
They always listen to what I have to say and they are very reactive. I just have one thing to say: THANK YOU! Margaux Demaria
Michel Boudier
OuiFlash brings me a regular and increasing revenue. The post production service is always there to offer advice, to help and to resolve possible problems. Michel Boudier
Nikola Ancevski
OuiFlash is a young and dynamic company with a modern online interface. As a professional photographer, their flexibility and their seriousness helped to gain additional income and experience during my spare time.  Nikola Ancevski
Paolo Nardiello
OuiFlash knows how to listen to their photographers, thus promoting efficiency and exchange of information. Much has been achieved since my first assignments. A big thank you to this young and dynamic team! Paolo Nardiello